6246 Uplady Short girdle

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Our Short Double Cup Girdle is the perfect choice for post-surgical recovery and daily use. This garment has strong control thanks to its double panel of fabric, which shapes the upper, medium and lower abdomen. In addition, its preformed double cup with internal reinforcement provides comfort and prevents discomfort in post-surgical wounds while enhancing and centering the bust. The perineal zipper, the X-shaped posture corrector and the three-level front clasp are features that guarantee its effectiveness

• Priority Comfort and Support: Our short girdle has a double preformed cup and an internal reinforcement in soft, padded material to avoid discomfort in post-surgical wounds, while enhancing and centering the bust.

• Firm Control: Offers strong control with a double panel of fabric that shapes the abdomen in the upper, middle and lower areas, providing a more stylized figure.

• Ease of Use: The perineal zipper and three-level front clasp make it easy to put on and adjust, while the X-shaped posture corrector from the shoulders helps maintain correct position.

• Versatility: Ideal for both daily use and post-surgical recovery, this girdle provides comfort and support in both situations.

• Combination of Style and Functionality: This girdle not only offers effective support, but also combines style and comfort so that you feel confident and elegant in your daily routine and during post-surgical recovery.

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