09377 Delie Fit 360 Post-Surgical Bra

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Multifunctional post-surgical bra without arches, facilitates a better posture and is ideal for breast surgeries, one of its features is on the back with an X-shaped reinforcement in the main powernet control fabric that provides a better fit and improves posture. It has a bust cover and front fastening with 9 hooks that facilitate its posture, it is recommended by doctors after surgery to reduce or increase the bust and arms, helping to avoid inflammation or any discomfort due to fluid retention. It is a comfortable garment with high support, thanks to the elastic band at the base of the bust that has silicone that allows it to adhere correctly, shapes the arms and back, hiding rolls in this area. It also has a lycra fabric that contains microcapsules of vitamins that help the healing and hydration process of the skin

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